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APOLLO adopts a collaborative strategy in lighting distribution, partnering closely with design teams and contractors to provide accurate, high-quality lighting packages tailored to specifications. We integrate cutting-edge technology and industry-leading controls to meet the highest professional standards. Our comprehensive services encompass the sale of products from top manufacturers, accessories, and proficient design consultation. Backed by decades of industry experience, APOLLO excels in elevating architectural aesthetics and delivering top-notch services to construction teams across Colorado and nationally.

Our Services


APOLLO is a pioneer in the lighting industry, offering an extensive range of innovative and high-quality lighting solutions where most distributors fall short. With a commitment to precision and aesthetic excellence, we combine advanced technology and design expertise to enhance architectural environments. Whether it's residential, commercial, or outdoor lighting project, APOLLO stands out for its dedication to delivering cutting-edge products that elevate both functionality and aesthetics.

Lighting Control

APOLLO excels in lighting control solutions, providing state-of-the-art systems that seamlessly integrate with modern technology. With a focus on precision and user-friendly interfaces, our lighting control solutions offer a tailored approach to managing illumination in diverse environments. Whether it's smart home automation or commercial lighting systems, APOLLO stands at the forefront of delivering innovative and efficient lighting control solutions for our industry partners.

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Our Process

Detailed takeoffs to ease your workload

APOLLO employs a meticulous approach to information gathering by commencing its process with the collection of essential details from customers or contractors. We’ll do the project takeoffs, specification qualifications, and guarantee the lighting package so that you don’t have to. Through streamlined interactions, we ensure a thorough understanding of project requirements, design, and specifications, laying the groundwork for a well-informed compilation of materials. This initial step allows us to tailor its subsequent information gathering and processing activities to meet the specific needs of clients including procurement and deadlines, fostering efficiency and accuracy for our various projects.

Lighting Package Evaluation & Quotation

This crucial phase involves a comprehensive assessment of lighting requirements, considering factors such as lighting design, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and project specifications. APOLLO’s commitment to delivering accurate and detailed quotations ensures that clients receive tailored proposals aligned with their design-build needs or specified packages, contributing to a seamless and efficient project execution.

Initiate Orders & Progress Tracking

Once a decision is made by the customer, APOLLO’s team swiftly takes charge, streamlining the process of ordering and supplying lighting solutions for the project. Our commitment lies in delivering a seamless experience, ensuring that the chosen lighting not only meets but exceeds expectations.¬† Track your products in real-time with our online customer portal to see your order status, estimated ship dates, and landing updates.

Welcome Home

Having successfully navigated the APOLLO process, our team ensure a seamless transition for our customers into their new, well-lit environments. Welcoming you home is not just a moment; it’s an experience crafted with precision, where cutting-edge technology meets the warmth of a thoughtfully illuminated space provided by APOLLO and our industry partners.

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