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Who We Work With

APOLLO prides itself on cultivating collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of stakeholders, including architects, general contractors, interior designers, lighting designers, electricians and more. Our collaborative methodology revolves around seamlessly incorporating lighting innovation into the broader context of architectural visions, construction endeavors, and electrical systems. Through close collaboration with these partners, APOLLO ensures that your lighting and lighting control not only meet technical specifications but also significantly contribute to the overall success of each project, resulting in spaces that are both brilliantly illuminated and thoughtfully aligned with the collective vision and expertise of our collaborators. If you are in search of a company that is dedicated to surpassing expectations for optimal results, feel free to contact us!


APOLLO forges meaningful collaborations with architects, ensuring a seamless integration of innovative lighting solutions into their designs. By closely engaging with architects, we enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of architectural visions. Our commitment to working hand-in-hand with architects results in lighting options that not only meet technical specifications but also harmonize with and elevate the overall architectural vision.

GENeral Contractors

APOLLO establishes productive partnerships with general contractors, contributing expertise to ensure the successful implementation of advanced lighting systems in construction projects. Our collaboration with general contractors focuses on seamless integration, guaranteeing that lighting solutions align with project timelines and specifications. By working closely with general contractors, APOLLO plays a key role in enhancing the overall success and efficiency of construction endeavors.

Interior Designers

APOLLO collaborates closely with interior designers to create bespoke lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with their overall design vision. By understanding the unique aesthetics and functional requirements of each project, we ensure that our lighting options enhance the ambiance and style of interior spaces. This collaborative approach with interior designers results in tailor-made lighting solutions that contribute to the overall success and cohesiveness of interior design projects.

Lighting Designers

In partnership with lighting designers, APOLLO leverages a collaborative approach to bring creative and innovative lighting concepts to life. We engage closely with lighting designers to understand their vision and contribute technical expertise, ensuring the realization of cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Through this collaboration, APOLLO actively fosters an environment where lighting designers’ creativity is seamlessly integrated with advanced technology, resulting in distinctive and impactful lighting designs.

Electrical contractors

APOLLO values its collaboration with electricians, ensuring the effective installation and integration of advanced lighting technologies. By working closely with electricians, we guarantee that our lighting solutions are seamlessly incorporated into electrical systems, meeting both technical specifications and safety standards. This collaborative synergy with electricians plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of projects, providing a reliable and efficient foundation for innovative lighting designs.

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